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I am a test of MORTGAGE RATES IFRAME- We customize the information to suit the page the table will display on. For example, we can have the fields set at 25 years, with fixed rate of 2/5 years with a LTV of 85%. We can create multiples of scenarios i.e. 5 years fixed, 90% LTV etc. We can create specific tables for specific pages i.e. a BTL, House Purchase, FTB with LTV of 90-95% etc. We can customise:

– Colours
– Displayed columns and the order

– Lender Panels – (where MortgageBrain maintain a panel)

– Enquiry Function – default allows additional questions to be added or can be linked via a URL to our own Enquiry function

– Best buy table – set your own parameters for daily results

We aim to get the lowest mortgage rates on the market

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