Why Use a Mortgage Advisor?

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Why Use a Mortgage Advisor?

Getting a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make, so it’s important to get it right. The mortgage market is incredibly competitive and it can be hard to understand what exactly is on offer. There are many different providers and a wide range of products and rates available.

You should end up with a mortgage that suits your needs and circumstances, this is why it’s important to get advice from an independent mortgage broker. Not only will they search the entire market on your behalf, they will find you the best deal available for you circumstances.

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What Happens If You Don’t Get Mortgage Advice?

If you don’t seek professional mortgage advise, you could end up:

  • With the wrong mortgage for your situation, which would be a costly mistake in the long run.
  • Being rejected by your chosen lender, because you didn’t understand the restrictions clearly or what circumstances the mortgage was designed for.

A mortgage broker, also known as an independent mortgage adviser, is a specialist with in-depth knowledge of the market. They’re able to look at a range of mortgage products which suit your needs. The advisers will also have access to exclusive deals on the market, and some specialist lenders can only be accessed through a mortgage adviser.

The Benefits of Mortgage Advice

It’s sensible to seek independent mortgage advice so you find the best mortgage deal for your circumstances, and do all the hard work so your mortgage application is successful and proceeds as quickly as possible.

A mortgage advisor will find a mortgage deal specific to your circumstances and offer useful and tailored advice. Friends Capital offer free initial financial advice before we recommend a mortgage to you, allowing you to make informed decisions and save you money in the long term.

Furthermore, a mortgage advisor can suggest other products to help protect your mortgage and you family, such as life and income protection, and find you the best protection rates on the market. Friends Capital can do this for you, free of charge. They can also support you if you are dealing with specialist lending such as bridging finance, equity release and home owner loans, and can help if you are dealing with a divorce and have a joint mortgage. A mortgage advisor can also help with transferring your current mortgage to a new lender to find a better deal.

A mortgage advisor also has access to the entire mortgage market, meaning that they can find you a specialist lender based on your circumstances. For example, self employed, bad credit and/or first time buy to let mortgages can be challenging for various reasons, and can be difficult to get without a mortgage advisor. Typical ‘high street’ lenders will not accept such challenges.

What Will A Mortgage Broker Do For Me?

Before you pay any money to a mortgage broker, they can help you find out:

  • The type of mortgage you need
  • How much you can borrow and for how long
  • The type of interest and rate that you can borrow at
  • The best mortgage deal available based on your circumstances

When you instruct a mortgage adviser, they will:

  • Gather all documents that a lender will need
  • Fill in your mortgage application
  • Liaise with the mortgage lender to get the application through as quickly as possible
  • Liaise with your solicitor

Basically, the advisor will take all the stress out of arranging mortgage, for example, purchasing a house. 

How Can Friends Capital Help?

Friends Capital have existing relationships with lenders and are experts in arranging  financing. We can help you find the best possible mortgage deal. We will review your personal circumstances and then search the entire market to ensure you get the best mortgage rates possible. We will then deal with all the paperwork, submit your mortgage application, liaise with your mortgage lender and solicitor, and ensure that your mortgage application is completed as quickly as possible. We can:  

  • Save you money on your mortgage deal 
  • Offer a free consultation 
  • Offer unbiased financial advice 
  • Save you time in your mortgage application 
  • Give you a dedicated account manager who is available to you through the process 

Two Steps to Contacting Friends Capital 

Step 1 

Either call us, email us or request a call back using our call back submission form. 

Step 2 

One of our friendly advisors will either call you back within 24 hours (usually the same working day), or will take details from you in order to best deal with your situation. 

When you speak with us, we will take a ‘fact find’. At this stage we take basic details about your situation. We will then search the whole of the market and find you the best deal available. 

If you are happy with the deal that we offer, we will then contact the lender for you and get you what is called a ‘decision in principal’. 

If you’re happy with the decision in principal then we will secure this deal for you and deal with the application for you on your behalf. 

We aim to get the lowest mortgage rates on the market

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