Are you a first time buyer?

As a first time buyer, you’ve made the leap and decided to take your first step onto the property ladder. Buying your first home is a really exciting experience, and shouldn’t be ruined by the stress of finding the right mortgage for you. Whether you’ve made a decision already on your dream home, or you’re wanting to get your head around a mortgage before you set out on your search, you’re in the right place talking to Friends Capital. We understand that it can sometimes be difficult as a first time buyer searching for a mortgage, with the amount of financial jargon and conflicting advice. That’s why we’re here to help hold your hand every step of the way.

Our team of specialists have a vast amount of experience at finding the best mortgage deals for first time buyers, ensuring you get the lowest possible rates and a mortgage that suits your needs. We will search the market to get you all the best first time buyer mortgage options, giving you the flexibility to chose an option that works for you.

We understand that buying your first house is a huge commitment, and therefore want to ensure that you have all the confidence and knowledge to make an informed decision. No one understands the scale of the commitment to a mortgage better than we do, and we’ll ensure you feel satisfied with the decision you make on your mortgage.

Our role is to give you the best advice, and you couldn’t be in better hands than with our specialist first time buyer team. Getting started is easy, as we offer a mortgage consultation service completely free with no obligation, so you can start your free mortgage review today.

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Why Choose Friends Capital?


Friends Capital work with all the UK’s top mortgage lenders and financial institutions. We represent the very best the market has to offer but brought to you with independent and impartial advice.


We treat all our customers with total understanding and empathy of your needs and circumstances. We work hard to provide you with best possible deals, regardless of your situation. Put your trust in Friends Capital and contact us today for all of your financial and protection needs.


Friends Capital is one of the UK’s leading brokers with experience in finding the best possible product to suit your needs at the lowest possible price. We find the most appropriate provider for your circumstances, to find you the best deal, so you don’t have to!