Are you prepared in case the worst should happen?

Whether you’re young, old, with a family or single – critical illness can, unfortunately, hit anyone at any time. Are you prepared in case the worst should happen? With medical advances today you are likely to survive but the impact on your lifestyle and finances could be huge.

Why would I consider critical illness cover?

  • You’ll received lump sums or a regular monthly income if you’re diagnosed with a critical illness
  • You can repay an outstanding mortgage or debts
  • You can provide a safety net to allow you to get back on your feet after critical illness
  • You can support your family and your lifestyle
  • You can implement cover for your spouses and children – if you need to

Our advisors can liaise with insurance providers on the finer points of your particular critical illness cover. You can choose between various lump sum or monthly income options, depending on what will suit your circumstances should be you diagnosed with a critical illness.


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